Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5-9 to 5-28 mothers day Fremont

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At the sandbar!

Gotta love hanging out at the sandbar on a hot sunny day! We had tons of fun. The water was a little cold, so Teagan wasnt a big fan of going in, but she loved splashing everyone!! I think she is a little too big for her floaty...

dance like aunt Jamie

Fremont WI. we went to my parent's trailer this weekend for memorial day. The weather was wonderful! Teagan had so much fun. She called it "grandma's play house".

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letting the froggies go

Letting the frogs go for the mosquitoes. There was no way i was letting her bring them in the house. i finally got her to let them go, thank goodness! I let the big ones go in the creek by our house (it was dried up when i went over there but we wont tell teagan), and she let the little ones go.

getting braver with the frogs

Teagan was getting pretty good at picking them up. i think they were starting to die or just get really tired of getting picked up.

froggy snuggle monsters

"these frogs are snuggle monsters". grandma g kept saying how much she didnt like them but i didnt want teagan to catch on so i kept diffusing.

Frog catching

catching frogs at grampa Jims and grama g's house before grampa jim puts chlorine in the pool.

5 year anniversary!

Celebrating our 5th anniversary at bowling. lisa thought she was taking a picture but was videotaping. We had a lot of fun. will be celebrating it for real sometime in the next few weeks... hopefully

sprinkler for first time this year!

After swim lessons, it was so hot we decided to get out the sprinkler for the first time. Teagan loved it. Cant wait to use it this weekend if the weather cooperates!

Last Swim Lessons 3-free time!

Last Swim Lessons 3

Teagan and Emery were so cold they couldnt move! i was surprised that they both didnt run away!!

Last Swim Lessons 2

Last Swim Lessons 1

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Flower Pots

Here is our first attempt at painting the giant mothers day pots...

only 2 more to go!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Corn on the Cob

Teagan found it too hard to keep holding onto the cob, so she decided not to hold onto it at child...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Toddler Bed

Last night Teagan slept in her real toddler bed for the first time. she did real well. we only had to go upstairs once and then she was down. Then for her nap today she went to sleep right away and came walking down while i was making dinner. Now we are in for night number two, and chris is currently back up in her room because we heard the door close. Will keep you posted on how many times we have to go upstairs. it is kind of like an every other night thing.

it was funny, this morning when i was getting ready i looked in her room and she was half way on her bed and her knees and  feet were on the floor. i posted a picture on facebook since i dont have any more memory on here to put pictures. it made me laugh. and then after i took the picture she started to wake up, but she just got up and layed all the way in her bed. i was a proud mommy this morning... i will let you know how proud i am tomorrow.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Dells and then some

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Wisconsin Dells Trip

Friday, our first day at the water park. Teagan loved it!!! I think her swim lessons helped a lot with her not being scared of the water. She dove right in. She also kept trying to get her hair wet in the water spouts.
this is her first for minutes into the water. i dont think she knew where to start first.

Teagan's favorite slide. I think she went on this one at least 50 times if not more!

a little glimpse of everyone. The smallest one in the furthest swing was the Hyla's baby, Noelle. The little boy in the the other swing is Ben, the Wendells little boy who is exactly one month younger than Teagan. This was our favorite park for the kids. We didnt go to the wild west one this time, too far to walk.

Teagan is not a big fan of the giant bucket...

Just playing in the water toys. That kid with the turtle, teagan ended up going down the slide with him a million times on her favorite slide  the last day we were there.

Chris getting Teagan ready for the big bucket...

 and she did it...

Andrew's Party/McDonalds Woods

Sorry, little behind on the videos.

Andrew's 2nd Birthday. It was at a gymnastics place in Libertyville. Teagan loved it. they just had time to play, and then some music and activity time. Of course when it was time for music, Teagan ran straight to the middle of the group and joined in.

this was one of my favorite games in gym as  a kid. i loved playing with the parachute. Teagan liked it too. She wasnt quite sure what to do at first, but then liked the concept.

We went to McDonald woods in my old neighborhood and Teagan walked the entire way. i think it said it was about 2 miles the route we took. This is what kept Teagan entertained towards the end, kicking all the fuzzies, and as you can see there were tons of them!!! Toby loved the walk as well.

Monday, April 16, 2012


chris was going to show Teagan how to play tiddlywinks, and this is what she did. it was so funny, i never would have put the two together (winking).  then i had to show you her version of peek-a-boo. dont know where she got that one from.. grandma g?

This weekend

We went to Lake Geneva on Sunday to walk around since it was so nice out. But when we got there my car said 73 degrees, but with that wind it felt like 60! it didnt seem to faze teagan, she wanted to walk around barefoot the whole time. she liked the beach and the water fountain.

Went to mom and dad's on sunday evening for dinner. we had  a wing war. betwee BW3s, KFC, and Popeyes to see which one had the best hot wings. it was a tough one. all had totally different flavors, i liked them all, except the KFC honey BBQ, too much breading with all that sauce. After dinner teagan was outside the remainder of the late afternoon playing in the water. She then helped grandpa plant some "yonions".

Saturday, April 14, 2012

kitchen Play

Teagan came home from Kim and Ralph's house last night and couldnt stop playing with her Kitchen. Chris had to convince her to go to bed so she could play with it in the morning. She loves it. we have had play food for a while, but she would rarely play with it. now that she has her own place to pretend with it she cant stop!
this was first thing this morning before swim lessons.

Monday, April 9, 2012

2012-03-17 to 04-17

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We had the kids over for Easter on Saturday. we colored eggs and then had a hunt. it was fun, we ended up having wonderful weather. The parents got to relax a bit and the kids had fun playing.

around the front. i think we had to go around twice just to find them all. These kids are not very good at spotting eggs.

fun in the sand

and more. they loved it. Teagan is watching these as i post them and wants her friends to come over again... so cute. they are getting much better at playing together without fighting.

Sunday we went to Carol and Lloyds for easter and had another easter egg hunt. Maya and Teagan were all over it, but Andrew was pretty layed back about the whole thing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

fixing the walls from Toby

Chris was painting the walls with primer where Toby had scratched them by the door and windows. he needs to paint them and then put the plexiglass so Toby wont do it again.

stirring the paint!

Paint, paint, paint...

covering the floor so we dont get paint on the rug or the wood.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Session of Swimming Lessons

This was the second week of the new session of swimming lessons. There are 5 kids in her class this time. Both Emery and Teagan did really well last week, but for some reason this week, Emery was not having it (maybe too cold) and Teagan just didn't want to jump in...

This clip the teacher wanted them to all lay on their backs and kick their legs, Emery wanted nothing to do with it and Teagan couldn't figure out how to get on her back and kick....

Teagan has seemed to regress a bit on the putting your face in the water bit... there  is this little boy in the class (you will be able to figure out who) who is such a ham. When it was his turn he would put is entire head under the water for seconds at a time!! we were all impressed!

One of Teagan's least favorite things to do in swimming lessons, but not the least!

Swimming with  floaties... or should i say, floating with floaties...

 And here it comes, the dreaded part of swimming lessons. The part that Teagan always announced in the beginning that she does not want to do. She almost got away without doing it this time around...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bella's Bouncies

Went to Bella's Bouncies in Lake Villa with Kimberly Atterberry Meyer and the kids today. They had soo much fun! I was surprised at how independent Teagan was. Pretty much went on everything by herself, just needed a little help getting up on a few things but Emery showed her how to be a little monkey!

jumping in the jumpy house! Even Harper got into it. So cute! Teagan was having so much fun in the tunnels she lost a piggie tail!

Teagan kept going down this slide over and over. Every time she went down she would fall forward at the last second. I finally got it on camera, and good thing to because after i shot this she got smarter and went on her belly. My child is sooo smart!! :)

Needless to say, we were there for almost 3 hours and Teagan was getting so tired she just wanted to get her balloon and leave. then of course after we packed everyone up she wanted to stay and cried half way home that she wanted me to turn around and go back... go figure. but she fell asleep pretty quick once we got home.

potty training update: We are on day 2 of underwear only except naps and bedtime and no accidents!!

Thursday fun at Dog Park

Teagan had more fun at the water hole than the rest of the park i think!  She had so much fun giving all the thirsty dogs a drink.

Cookie and Paw's having fun for the first time in the water at the dog park. Toby was showing them the ropes...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Worm Hunting

Worm hunting on Monday after all the crummy rain! Teagan loved looking for worms.

I love hearing her say "puddles" she says it different every time! It took me about 10 minutes to get her to go inside without bringing those dang worms in!

it is impossible to get this girl to do anything!!! she has mastered the art of stalling! Needless to say, I made macaroni and hotdogs for dinner since it took us so long to get inside.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

mindless chatter

i was really just trying to get a good picture of her new haircut! of course the camera was not working properly again, but now that i have figured it out, no more videos this crappy!

First Hair Cut

I cut Teagan's hair today (3-7-12) for the first time ever!! it wasnt that hard, she just didnt want to sit still. I think next time i will do some layers. He hair was just getting to straggly and knotted for me to do anything with. Plus, she hates getting her hair brushed so this was the best of both worlds. i cut about 2.5 inches off when it was wet. it is now right at her shoulders. a little shorter than i originally planned, but it is cute.

i took a picture of the very small wad of hair after it was all done, but unfortunately i dont have any memory on my blogger account so i cant put anymore pictures on here. enjoy.

Teaching Toby

how to roll over.. interesting. sorry, still bad picture.

and again

and one more time!

Swimming 3-3-12

going under the hoop

still not getting used to the water in her ears... makes her a little uncoordinated...

getting in and out of the pool

 using her floaties!

the jump! she closed her eyes as soon as she turned around...

i finally figured out (just now) why the videos are so blurry and it wont let you zoom in or out after you start taping, i had it on compact. so it makes it a smaller file size and limits capabilities. but it is fixed now so hopefully the rest will be better quality. except the next two i have too bad, would have been a good one!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

teagan videos

see the fingers on the lens...that is my problem!

Olives, yummy!!!

later they got spit out since she couldnt chew them all, but then ate them the second time around...

Swimming 2-25-12

Teagan and the other kids did really well this week! they had a new teacher this time. They really seemed to like her. I think the two teachers are sisters. sorry for the blurry pictures, not sure what the deal is, the camera might just be dirty from teagan playing with it all the time and getting her finger prints all over the lens.

jump jump around.

The water in the ears this time around threw all the kids off. They are not big fans...

Teagan and Emery chatting, i wish it didnt echo so much in the pool area so we could hear them better.

move those arms... but dont forget about your feet!!

arms up and down.

Grand Finale!!!

Her best jump yet!!! All the kids did well with their jumps under water. Tegan even closed her eyes and held her breath all on her own!! i was soooo proud of her.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!

After having the best dinner ever, thanks to grandma G, we had our wonderful desert! Teagan had her brownie on a stick, and we had some vanilla cake. sooo yummy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

pooping on the potty talk

Daily toilet talk... Teagan cant sit on the toilet without having full conversations or reading several books.

In this one, i think she had the biggest poop ever!! she had a bunch of little turds and then one real big one!!  she told me, so i had to look.

Teagan talking to "someone" on the potty. She just loves reading books to the air, or whoever will listen.

Swimming lessons, week 4 i think?

Teagan did very good this week. She didnt cry at all, well until it was time to jump into the pool. The teacher tried to get her to put her face in the water, but that was a no-go!!

trying to get teagan attempting to stand in the pool, but the teacher kept getting in my way. I was too lazy to get up and move to the other side.

learning how to get in and out of the pool. this is quite the improvement from the second class, when all she did was cry the whole time she was doing it.

Using the floaties!! i dont want to get my hair wet, i am not putting my face in that water!

Emery was upset pretty much the entire time, but when his grandparents came towards the end of class he was all smiles. it was too funny.

look at those stomach muscles on my kid!! Emery looks like a little muscle man.

The dreaded jumping in the water. Emery did a little better than Teagan.

Bouncing in the water. Teagan didn't quite get this concept.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taking Toby for a walk

Teagan was enjoying taking Toby for a "walk" around the house. and then getting him ready for the ball!! Toby just looks miserable... poor guy thought he was going for a real walk.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Washing my hands"

I missed the first part of her asking me a bunch of questions about washing her hands. Of course that is the best part. but i figured i would get what i could. this is an every day ritual when i come home. She will "wash her hands" forever, it is nice when i am trying to make dinner.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's Puppy Time!!!

for all you dog lovers out there. Gotta love it when you have 8 lab puppies jumping all over you. I should have had Teagan wearing jeans so when the jumped on her they didnt scratch, i know i wasnt thinking. but she loved hanging out with them, especially when she got to sit on the couch and have one in her lap. My uncle Eric's dog had 9 black lab puppies. They were going to get sold later that night so we had to come over for one last visit before they were gone. Sooooo cute!

My little Princess

Teagan loves to read out-loud. It is so cute, she will read to us, Toby, and her stuffed animals. Anyone willing to listen. Like her outfit? Thanks grandma G!

Last Chicago Bears tattoo!! Teagan loves wearing tattoos now, but we need to get more, we are all out. My cute little Chicago Bears Princess!

Hanging at Aunt Andi's House

We slept over at Aunt Andi's house last Saturday night and Teagan decided it would be a good idea to play in the sink.

I know my child is naked, but did you see my good placement of the camera so you dont see any private parts!??! sorry for the out of focus, I didnt want to stop recording in fear that i would miss her singing the greatest song in the world!!!

Okay, so now i wasnt so tactful, but how could I, she was running all over the place?? At least it is in focus this time. She cracks me up. I wish i had that much energy. Maybe i should start taking baths in the sink... at least i did get a little bit of her questioning on every noise i make that isnt a word. She is just starting to get into the 101 questions phase. Not looking forward to it, i know i was horrible at asking a million questions. I still kind of am...

Ice Fishing Derby

We went to Bristol for the annual ice fishing derby. It was fun. We were only supposed to go for a few hours before Teagan's nap, but we ended up staying there until 4:00, no thanks to my husband... Teagan had lots of fun for the first few hours; first playing inside with Polly, Tessa, and Bry and then going outside with all the adults. Teagan's favorite things to do outside was getting pulled around in the sled by the 4-wheeler, making snow angels, and playing with the giant minnows.

2nd week of Swimming Lessons

Emery and Gram didnt make it to swimming lessons this week. It was just Sarah and Teagan, the two youngest. They were both doing well, until Teagan started getting nervous and then she started getting upset, then Sarah got upset. They fed each others fears. It was pretty much nonstop crying from the middle on.

Starting off well...

going under!

my favorite part of class

not a big fan of putting my ears in the water

i will only blow bubbles in the tub, not the pool! Bless you Sarah!!!

kicking is just like riding a bike.

Can you hear Sarah crying in the background. Teagan did that... Teagan was fine when she was swimming, but when she had to sit on the stairs waiting for her turn, that was when she would freak out. Sarah was fine, until she saw Teagan all nervous.

the following week Teagan, Emery, and Sarah cried 90% of the time, hence no videos... This week Teagan did awesome! Chris took her and I stayed home to do some work. We figured since when she was crying the previous weeks she would always cry for me, so we tried just having Chris go. Either him  just going or the bribe that if she was a brave girl she could go to McDonalds and have icecream and french fries, was what did it. Lets keep our fingers crossed for next week. Hopefully she will do just as well this week. And no, no pictures this week because Chris went and he doesn't take pictures or videos unless i am right next to him prompting him to.


I was just washing my hands....

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Friday night while chris was visiting his friends in Milwaukee. Me and Teagan decided to give Toby a haircut and a well-needed bath.

Teagan getting ahold of the camera and taking a video of me giving toby a bath...

Christmas Eve at my parents house.

Mr. Potato Head!!! She loves this toy. Thank you Aunt Barb and Uncle Andy!

Christmas morning at my parents house. We left cookies out for Santa and we were checking to see if he ate them all.

i just took this video to show off her cute little hat. every year my mom gets us all silly hats to wear for christmas. Teagan looks like Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch!

Teagan getting her froggy sleeping bag. Both grandparents must think alike, because teagan also got a teddy bear sleeping bag from her other grandparents.

Later that Christmas day we went to go see Chris' side of the family. Teagan and Andrew got to exchange christmas gifts. We will be planning to go somewhere together on our break. The two of them love to play together.

zooming time with Aunt kelly. First Teagan and Andrew went, then Teagan wanted more. she couldnt get enough.

Aunt Kathy is always to creative. She brought cookies with extra frosting and sprinkles for the kids to do. Teagan loved it! she ate about half of them though...

this is about 10:30 on christmas night. Teagan is all crazy from all the comotion that day, just look at her hair! She is putting pretty's in pop's hair.

This morning.
Teagan finally getting to the presents we got her... She is the slowest present opener. Every present she opens she wants to play with and wont do anything else until she plays with it for a while. this morning i kept asking her if she wanted to open her presents and she kept telling me "I will open them later". I dont get her at all. I thought all kids wanted to just rip through them faster than lightning??? oh well, at this rate, we will be opening christmas presents till next year...

Making me a sandwich with her new play food. the concept of the bread going on either side of the fixings was just not fathomable (if that is even a word).

These presents are from great grandma Margie!! Thank you great grandma Margie!

12-18 to 12-25-2011 Merry Xmas

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Monday, December 19, 2011

catching up (videos)

olives. i love her little laugh...

listen to how beautiful her voice is... had to pretend that Gini wasnt taping otherwise she would stop singing.

Library time!

Teagans Actual Birthday!! We went to Bella's Bouncies in Lake Villa. We crawled all through the tubes...several times.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baking cookies (videos)

December 2011 part 1_Original

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baking cookies

We went over to Andi's house yesterday and baked cookies all day. it was so much fun. Teagan got really involved and helped us make cinnamon ornaments with grandma G, and then made chocolate mint cookies and lemon cookies with aunt andi. she loved it! Teagan helped pour the sugar, mint, crack the eggs, and stir the dough. She even helped aunt kathi put buttons on the gingerbread men/butterfly's. This is going to be such a fun christmas tradition. hopefully next year i will actually bring something to bake. I am not much of a baker to begin with, but this year i had a really good excuse. i couldnt do anything because of my hand. for those of you who do not know i burned it real bad wednesday night while cooking a nice dinner. last time i try to cook steaks in the oven/stove while time managing everything else on the stove (asparagus, potatoes, gravy, and mushrooms) to get it all out at the same time while Teagan is standing up in her booster seat wanting me to come get her...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MVI 6868

in the tunnels at the bounce house. i went once and chris went twice with her. ouch, it hurts your knees after a while.

MVI 6867

not the most stable child in the world....

MVI 6866

This was Teagan's actual birthday, we had a free pass to go to Bella's Bouncy house. She loved it! She was a little shy at first but then she got the hang of it.

MVI 6865

Teagan's birthday at Thanksgiving at aunt Andrea Wood's house. Blow out your candles!!!

MVI 6864

This is what Teagan does in the car.... She sings, sometimes trying to sing louder than the car radio. She saw me videotaping so then she got shy.

MVI 6863

Teagan playing with her new drums in her new stylish outfit!! This was drum set number 2 since we already broke the first one...

MVI 6862

Teagan with Grandma Gini Ross reading to her bear. So cute!

MVI 6861

Teagan and one of her new favorite toys!!! i thought she was going to fly away...

MVI 6860

Surprise mom!! happy 60! birthday!!!

MVI 6858

us getting teagan ready for her birthday party. love the dinner choice, i know....

MVI 6857

Monday, November 7, 2011

what haaaaaaapen???

Teagan and her slurred speech. i love hearing her toddler talk. I wish i could get her enthusiastic "what haaaaaaaaaapeeeeeeen?" saying on video with out me coaxing it, it is way better when it is authentic. here is my attempt. for the second time, the first video was better but she deleted it before i could download it.

this is why meals take so long in our house...Teagan would rather sing and goof around than eat. wish i had that problem!! of course these videos are before she got her cold.

our entertainment on the way to the cosby show.. thanks mom, jamie and tosha!!!

This was my sickly kid this morning. she was in a good mood at this point, her medicine had kicked in and she was feeling better. she HATES taking medicine. she actually liked it at one point, but now she hates it. i feel like i am waterboarding her when ever i give it to her. poor thing.

last week at grandma laurie's house.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The past few days (Happy Halloween)

Teagan kept reading us this book the other night so i finally decided to get up and get my camera. she wasnt quite as enthusiastic this time around, before she didnt need any prompting. She would just carry on herself telling us the animals sand what they said and then showing us. She must be learning this from the Library visits with grandma G and Andrew.

Happy Halloween

A glimpse of trick or treating yesterday with a monkey and a dog... needless to say neither of which are very fast movers and get distracted quite easily. But it was still tons of fun!

Just one of the many distractions we encountered along the way. for some reason these children would rather play with all the Halloween decorations than get candy...

Not sure if you can hear Teagan and Emery over my loud voice, but they actually said trick or treat while the girl was there! they would either say it on the way up to the door or after the fact.

Just getting started.... Sorry for the sideways video. thought i edited it to turn. Emery really gets into full character!!!

I will be posting the pictures sometime soon i hope. maybe tonight if i get ambitious! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Teagan singing her ABC's tonight on the potty. and yes, she is sitting on top of the toilet seat, with no diaper. she was on the toilet like she is supposed to be but then decided to sit on the top. she just kept saying her ABC's over and over as if it were one long word. too cute. i was amazed at how much of it she knew.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend fun.

Starting off the weekend with Teagan picking out my clothes, even though i was already home from work. she is such a mimmicker now. then she decided to read my book

teagan reading me a story. needless to say, her making-up-stories skills need a little help...

Teagans new trick... so cute!

feeding horses at Pride Acres. Teagan loves it. we were outside in the pasture, but they were getting too pushy so we escaped the the comfort of the barn. Didnt faze teagan at all.

Still carrots left! Teagan was getting sick of seeing the horses eat all the carrots so she wanted to eat them... ick.

out with the horses, and in with the kitties!!!!

Football Sunday. This is where i spent most of the football game, playing in Emery's room with the kids. i didnt tape the good part. i think my ears are still ringing from all the high-pitched screaming. this is just the tail end when they started getting tired.

Teagan helping chris clean the leather seats. she would rub so fast it was cute. of course i missed the first time and that is always the best.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

enamame for dinner

fun at dinner time. Teagan eating her favorite. whatever gets her to eat veggies, right?

babysitting fun

i watched Andi's friends 2 girls, Kira (3) and Lydia (1.5) on Monday. It was fun, tiring, but fun. here is lunch. i totally was late getting the camera. i just missed the screaming match they were all having and the head shaking back and forth. i always miss the good stuff on video.

we also carved a half a pumpkin (just cutting the top off, and scooping out the seeds) that was about all i could handle with the three of them. i will try to post more pics to facebook or shutterfly. stay posted.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

more videos

Last weekend at Pride acres. Teagan chasing the old blind peacock... she loved it!

Teagan picking up her first kitten. she loved feeding them. there were tons, but we had the dogs out earlier and they scared them away. just farm cats.

Practicing blowing out candles for her birthday. she is pretty good, but i still think there is more spit than air coming out of her mouth. she doesnt get to open her mouth, she blows through her teeth and lips...

Friday night for grandma G's birthday. we went to Wine Knot in Kenosha. food was really good. Teagan was getting slap happy on our way home.


teagans bribery to take her allergy medicine...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Potty attempts

Teagan has been going on the potty off and on for a few months now. One day she will go twice on the potty and then she wont want to sit on it for a week. I dont really get it, but we are not really pushing it yet. I just ask her when i think she is going to go or might have to go. sometime she gets all excited to go on it, and others she refuses to even go upstairs...

so here was one attempt.

this is what we end up doing most of the time teagan attempts to go on the potty.... either this, or reading tons of books or singing songs.

I was also trying to get her to say "What haaaaaaaaaappen?" the way she says it is sooo cute. I did get a bit of her rolling b's (mom).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Did you know what an ipad or in iphone was when you were 1.5 or 2????

screaming matches

Teagan's new favorite thing is to have screaming matches with other little kids... this was the tail end of one. They are normally much more ear piercing!!! She started them off a few months ago with our neighbors kids, Lindsay and Logan. Logan doesnt talk much so he just grunts and screams. well he was looking out the window one night at us playing out side and started this screaming and teagan did it back, and ever since then every time she sees a small child, or one she thinks is smaller than her, she tries to have these screaming matches...

Andrew and Teagan, who do you think wins??

Kenosha Beach

At the Kenosha beach on Saturday. We went to see the Nina and Pinta and she wanted nothing to do with it. Then we walked to the beach cuz it was soooo hot. then she was in a good mood!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Shoes!!!

Thank you so much Missy for giving me some of Makayla's old shoes, Teagan loves them!!! The purple ones are her favorite! I totally missed the initial reaction of her looking in the  bag for the first time, but i did get a little of her after the initial shock. They actually fit her quite nice. I would have thought they would be too big, but i guess she does wear some size 7's...

thanks again!

here is part 2 of teagans fun with her new shoes. She started it off by running around the island saying "new shoes, run; new shoes, run!" by the time i got the camera out it was too late again to hear her saying it. i tell ya, i need this thing attached to me...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

/Milwaukee Zoo 8-6

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this cracks me up! same face that teagan makes when she is pretending to go poop on the potty. i love it.

Teagan playing dizzy

never give a camera to a man...

i was playing airplane with teagan and doing flipps with her last night and chris was supposed to be taping it. it was so cute! i would put her up in the air and she would put her arms and legs out like she was flying! but of course chris thought he was taping and then he actually hit the record button after it was all said and done. but he did get some scary looking doll heads on there!! that would give you nightmares...

Tea party

I came home from work today and Teagan was having a tea party with grandma G. it was sooo cute! Teagan would pour your tea and give you some sugar. here little sound effects as she pours the tea was just adorable!!! see for yourself!

fun with pop! Teagan i think is going to be a little dare-devil! she loves to get that feeling in your stomach when it drops.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Angry Birds

We went to Arlington Race track  yesterday and then afterwards we went to Matt and Megan's so chris could do is fantasy football by 7:00. needless to stay we were there until 9:45 by the time he was done. To keep Teagan entertained and happy we ended up with her playing on Matt and Megan's phones. Angry Birds was one of her favorite games to play. She actaully started to get the hang of moving the screen around and pushing buttons. it was kind of funny. I wish i would have started video taping earlier (as usual), because her enthusiasm was so high.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enamame Fun!

At dinner today teagan was eating some enamame and having fun! it was too cute. i showed her how to squeeze them out, and she got such a kick out of it that she just kept doing it and eating them. Works for me, she is entertained and eating veggies, how can you go wrong there?!?! i thought i was video taping a while before i actually was, i must not have had it on the right setting all the way. i missed some cute moments, one where it shot up and hit her in the forehead, and another one where it shot straight across the kitchen! she loved it! this video just doesnt even come close to the amount of fun she was having originally...

Playing ball with Toby

Teagan was playing around with Toby the other day and it was just too cute. of course i got it after a while and her excitement wasnt nearly at the same level as it was to begin with... Toby is pretty good with her, he at least gives up his toys much faster and easier than he does with us. i think it is because we yell at him all the time to give it to Teagan. He gave her a run for her money a little bit in this one, you sill see. Teagan kept cracking me up though. Every time she threw the ball she would hit herself in the back of the head... too funny. didnt seem to faze her at all, guess she wont be a pitcher when she grows up!